Surface Prep & Maintenance’s waterblasting division services states west of the Mississippi. We utilize the cutting edge waterblasting technology with use of the ever so popular “Stripehog.” We have several systems and are able to complete the most difficult of jobs, and jobs of any magnitude. We have worked on airports and roadways all over the west, and encountered the many variables of removal specific to waterblasting including various materials for removal, surface being treated, and type of climate we are working in. With our unique experience and the fact that we’re working with the best  waterblasting equipment in the industry, hiring us for your project will give you the advantage over using other waterblasting removal systems and companies.

Surface Prep & Maintenance is not a road and airport striping company. We do not compete with our customers in striping, waterblasting, or marking removal.  We are THE premier waterblasting and runway rubber removal company.


Experienced in hazardous material marking removal.

QUALITY: We have a no damage priority. This sounds like a generic claim, but damage is common in the industry.
SERVICE: We are on time to start and on schedule to complete.
VALUE: We save you time in production and are reasonably priced.


  • Road Marking Removal614902-ground-hog-2
  • Runway Rubber Removal
  • Curing Compound Removed
  • Surface Prep (Bridge Decks)
  • Road Retexturing
  • Paint Cleaning and Rejuvenation


Surface Prep & Maintenance is signatory to Local Union 1184 / 270

California License #980872

Nevada License #0077645